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Prostheses comes from the Greek, meaning a putting to, addition, or equivalent.

Prosthesis: (pros theésiss) is singular, Prostheses: (pros theés seez) is plural.

The external breast prosthesis
An external breast prosthesis
Following surgery you will usually require an external breast prosthesis to replace all or part of the natural breast.

A prosthesis is made from soft, enclosed silicone which is moulded to emulate the natural shape, form and movement of a breast.

There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes available when choosing your prosthesis. Some are designed for wearing on either side of the chest, while others are shaped to be worn on the left or right side only.

Breast prostheses come in three main weights: full, light, and extra-light.
An increasingly popular option is the contact prosthesis which attaches directly to the skin, achieving a more natural and secure feel. Alternatively, the breast prosthesis is worn fitted within the bra pocket.

While a complete breast prosthesis is more commonly required, other forms include the partial “shell” prosthesis - used where only part of the breast has been removed and where the breasts are very different in shape or size following surgery.

Also available: prostheses designed for swimming and sports; temporary fabric prostheses for when you’re relaxing or sleeping; and prosthetic nipples which can be attached to a prosthesis or reconstructed breast.

You will be advised by your Trained Fitter on how best to care for your breast prosthesis.

Generally, the prosthesis should be washed daily in warm, soapy water and dried with a towel. To maintain its shape, and for its protection, the prosthesis should be stored in its original box.

A breast prosthesis should last for two or more years, but may need to be replaced if you have lost or gained significant weight or where the prosthesis is displaying signs of deterioration.

When selecting a prosthesis, wear a well-fitting bra and a close-fitting, plain top. This is the best way to view the overall effectiveness of the prosthesis. If you wish, bring along a favourite garment, too.

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