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Skincare & accessories
Skin preparation tonic
Based on natural raw ingredients, such as plant oils, witch hazel and vitamins.
Order code: SC081**
Sizes: 150ml
Skin balance gel cream
Based on natural plant oils, witch hazel and vitamins, Skin Balance Gel Cream will help to soothe the skin.
Order code: SC082
Sizes: 75ml
Soft cleanser/Soft brush
To ensure long lasting adhesion, Amoena Contact breast forms should be cleaned thoroughly, using the Soft Cleanser and Brush.
Soft Cleanser Soft Bush
Order code: SC080** SC083**
Sizes: 150ml Sizes: N/A
This well-shaped temporary fabric form will help maintain your outward appearance during the initial period after your operation.
Order code: 214
Sizes: 0/2/4/6/8/10
Prosthetic Nipples
For anyone who likes wearing tight fitting tops, prosthetic nipples can be essential for a really natural outline.
Order code: 105 (Ivory) 106 (Blush)
107 (Tawny)
Sizes: S L
Camisole bra inserts
Convert your bra into a camisole neckline with these clever and attractive lace inserts. Lace designs to match the Carmen and Jasmin bras.
Order code: 119 (Carmen Lace)
118 (Jasmin Lace)
Sizes: One size
Sillicone shoulder straps
These pressure-reducing pads are the ideal fix if you find your bra straps sometimes dig in. Impossible to detect under clothing.
Order code: 050
Sizes: One size

This is a selection of skincare and accessories available from Everywoman.

*Multi-Option Pockets: features the new “multi-option” pockets which can be worn as a bi-lateral, left, right or non-pocketed bra.

** Only suitable for use with the Amoena Contact or Contact Plus
breast forms.

*** Only suitable for use with the Amoena Contact Plus breast form.
5 supports per pack.

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